The role of SMS platform for customer relationship maintenance

  • Reduce customer churn rate and increase customer consumption frequency.
  • Deepen the impression and turn potential customers into real customers.
  • Quality elements of SMS platform for customer relationship maintenance

  • Quality stability of platform software
  • SMS arrival rate and delay degree
  • The strength of merchants providing platform services is the basis for ensuring the safe use of rechargeable SMS for long-term services
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    Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom mobile phones are accessible. Powerful customer information management function, personalized, can be sent regularly.
    SMS mass sending software that won the national innovation award. Strong strength, guaranteed long-term service, and verified by 300000 customers nationwide.

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    common problem

    1. What is the industry SMS mass sending platform?
    Answer: Use a client or web version software to connect with the ports of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and other telecom operators, and import the customer mobile phone numbers accumulated by the enterprise into the form in the software. After the short message is recharged, the platform software can send short messages to hundreds or tens of thousands of customers.
    2. Conditions for using industry short message mass sending platform
  • Need a computer to access the Internet;
  • Install platform software;
  • Recharge via SMS in the platform software;
  • Import the customer's mobile phone number into the Excel table of the platform software.
  • 3. Role of industry short message mass sending platform
    Answer: When an enterprise or marketer accumulates hundreds or even tens of thousands of customer resources, it is faced with two important problems: how to reduce the loss of old customers and increase the number of old customers' consumption? How to transform a large number of potential customers who have visited but have not closed a deal into real customers by constantly deepening their impression? Marketing psychology tells us that the effective ways to solve the above two problems are:
  • Continuously care, bless and greet customers, and constantly deepen the impression and emotion of enterprises and individuals in customers' minds;
  • Frequently provide customers with additional benefits and new products and services.
  • The best tool for us to implement the above methods is to use the industry short message mass sending platform to mass send short messages.
    4. What are the key factors to consider in selecting and purchasing industry SMS mass sending platform
  • Quality stability of platform software;
  • The arrival rate and delay degree of mass SMS sent by the platform;
  • The strength of businesses providing platform services. It is related to whether long-term service can be provided and the safe use period of recharged SMS.
  • 5. How to use industry short message mass sending platform to conduct effective industry
  • Continuously accumulate and expand the number of members through preferential promotion and other methods
  • Establish a mobile phone number centric customer database
  • Keep communicating with customers with various personalized SMS messages to deepen the impression of the enterprise
  • For example, the marketing staff of a company visited 500 target customers in a year, 100 of which had made business, and the other 400 had not. The SMS industry platform was used to establish a file of these 400 potential customers with the mobile phone number of the customer executives as the main data, and then used SMS to track and communicate (such as holiday blessings, product promotion information), Will continuously deepen the impression of potential customers, and it is possible to turn these potential customers into real customers! In this way, when the company's marketing personnel leave, the potential customer information and materials will not be lost, and effective management and continued development can be carried out!

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