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Mass SMS, we can see the delivery process!

Time: 2020-02-21 00:34 Author: admin Read:

With the accelerated pace of life, fast food life is coming from students to white-collar workers. Going out to eat and delivering food will gradually become the catering consumption habit of more and more users in China. Logistics, supply chain and delivery brand are becoming more and more important in the delivery industry. Mass SMS It has played an irreplaceable role in the O2O era. When receiving orders from merchants -- preparing/canceling orders -- delivery -- delivery, SMS never stops.

In the takeaway industry, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, the transaction scale of the catering takeaway market will also maintain a high growth rate. In 2015, the scale of China's catering delivery market exceeded 160 billion yuan, accounting for 5.8% of the overall catering consumption.

Take away SMS copywriting has also been following in the footsteps of young people, luring the taste with visible SMS copywriting.
[* * *] The 10 yuan food coupon arrived and refused to be confused on Monday. It's also a relief to book meals in advance - book lunch on Monday immediately>* * * Reply TD to cancel the reservation
[* * *] Order takeout and serve * * *! Warm prompt: The delivery of the takeout you ordered has been confirmed by the delivery clerk * * * (136 * * * 2). Thank you for choosing * * *. Please comment on the rider's service in * * * in your spare time, and wish you a happy meal.
[* * *] Grouping notice: the actual amount paid for the "[Grouping] Base Direct..." commodity you purchased is * yuan. Payment succeeded! Share with friends to form a group faster. View Order ***
Mass texting at an appropriate time will give you unexpected results, and visible SMS coupons will stimulate people's appetite.
The difference between the sales periods is that although the sales peak of both the white-collar market and the student market is at noon, the student market will have temporary orders all day long and also have the peak of dinner. Therefore, in the student market, it is completely possible to prepare products in advance according to the sales data to avoid confusion in the sales during the noon peak. Do you want your meal voucher ready before lunch?
[* * *] Have you used up the power of the Tanabata famine? Dinner will give you a 15 yuan special coupon for food, and the order will be reduced immediately! Order meals now>d * * * * si3 reply TD unsubscribe
[* * *] Don't be naughty. Children's Day is approaching. * * will give you a big red envelope and pick up 61 yuan at random! Punch the festival>>//* * * m back to td unsubscribe

Want to have a place in the vast takeaway, visible SMS marketing and packaging help brand!
Now more and more people want to do takeout, which has become a sea of blood. Several trends will make it more and more difficult for takeaway merchants to survive and develop. Other aspects also need attention when takeaway is prevalent: logistics and supply chain; More and more brands focus on takeaway. In sending short messages, in addition to selecting the platform logo, you can also add your own brand in group sending; In the delivery of takeout, always have a takeout list and business cards. In our takeout packaging design, if you want to make every office white-collar workers have a special preference for your boxed lunch, and ensure customers' repeated consumption habits, you should strive to cultivate their behavior. From product to product, let others cannot surpass you!

Generally, the takeaway platform will have a corresponding takeaway management system to send SMS messages. If you just need it, SMS messages will appear in front of you. Youyinet SMS mass sending platform Three networks in one, stable channel, fast speed, 5 seconds of transmission, high arrival rate, more than 99%, our quality is as always, if you want to see or learn more SMS industry cases, please contact online customer service or call 400-600-9885 for free consultation!


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