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When the decoration industry encounters mass SMS, it shows the true nature of service!

Time: 2020-02-21 00:35 Author: admin Read:

The quality of architectural decoration solidified and seen by everyone; Mass sending of short messages, offline flow, and public experience service. The more Internet+decoration industry environment, the more inseparable from SMS marketing, Mass SMS Show your service!

The rapid development of real estate has driven the development potential of upstream and downstream industries. For products and services close to home life, what the public attaches importance to is brand and service. In this fast-paced era, people's demand for decoration industry is: worry free! Save money! Save time! Grasping the key points, the marketing and promotion of the decoration industry will stand out. Connect with the Internet era and promote online; Close to the public life, the service is in after-sales, so the promotion and service should also be combined online+offline.

In the Internet era, only by using big data for precision marketing, precise positioning of users, and precise advertising, can we win the user war. Customers obtained on the Internet will then launch SMS precisely. In the decoration industry, there has been eight years of cooperation between SMS and Mingdiao Decoration, the leader of integrated home decoration. With eight years of trust, we grow together. Mingdiao Decoration provides high quality services such as house inspection and measurement, full case design, diamond construction, material purchase, environmental protection auxiliary materials, solid wood customization, after-sales support and so on for medium and large luxury residential customers. SMS mass sending and promotion are available for after-sales service.

The famous sculpture is decorated with real Cases of mass SMS sending in decoration industry As follows:
"Dear customer: With a 17 year history of focus, the most influential home decoration company in South China has a top design and construction team. We look forward to calling to learn about the 18902245209 repairman returning to T to unsubscribe [Mingdiao Decoration]"

"[Mingdiao Shares] sincerely invites the owners of No. 9 Mansion to visit and learn about the design scheme and renderings of your new house. The successful cases of different styles can be referred to and customized for you! Lei Gong 13925206735 unsubscribe back to T"

"Dear owner of Mingdiao, your Yaju has completed the construction of waterproof, moisture-proof and woodworking projects: 1. The company must notify you to arrive at the site for acceptance before entering the site; 2. The designer must arrive at the site to set out with you before woodworking construction; 3. The project director of the woodworking project should notify you to arrive at the site for acceptance. Next, your construction site will enter the paint construction: 1. At this stage, furniture paint and other materials will enter the site, and then the project director will notify you for acceptance; 2. You can refer to our paint construction acceptance standards for supervision; 3. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call 400-092-0288. Wish you a happy life! (Warm prompt: please purchase wallpapers, switches, sockets and other main materials in time) "

"Dear owner, our company is responsible for the decoration of your house. Now the warranty period of the basic project is about to expire. If you need maintenance, please contact us as soon as possible. Tel: 0769-22266682. Wish you a happy life! [Mingdiao Decoration]"

The leader of integrated home decoration, who uses the SMS group sending platform to be the decoration expert for the design of large and medium-sized luxury houses, maximizes the satisfaction of customer needs, and provides a full process solution from the beginning of demand to the end of satisfaction.


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