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Mass SMS platform contributes to the exhibition!

Time: 2020-02-21 00:41 Author: admin Read:

At present, there are more than 8000 exhibitions in China every year, and the global scale is about 20000. The company's exhibition activities are launched. From the early planning to the end of the later activities, a brand promotion will consume human, material and financial resources. In terms of promotion, mass SMS will contribute to all aspects of the exhibition activities!

In the Internet era, SMS mass sending platform As a low-cost and efficient marketing tool. In the exhibition industry, as an important platform for communication and cooperation between exhibitors and participants, the exhibition information is widely and accurately transmitted. Get to know the needs of exhibitors and participants in time before the exhibition starts, and send SMS content that meets their needs to users. Participants can also send SMS messages to their dealers and potential customers who are willing to attract investment.

In the first half of 2016, the electronic cigarette exhibition was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Li, as the promoter of a brand of electronic cigarette exhibition, also wants to take the opportunity to attract investment; At the same time, we hope to deepen our unique brand in China. When notifying dealers and some potential customers. I want to be the most popular enterprise show to invite dealers, but browsing has been very passive, and the results have not been good. Ask the corresponding exhibitors for advice: mass SMS marketing with mandatory reading is an indispensable part of mobile marketing.

So Mr. Li comprehensively considered the issues of recoverability, no random deduction, stability, and whether the three networks are integrated. By contrast, he chose the short message platform with specific advantages and good service. On the same day, he sent 50000 short messages to dealers, so that dealers could learn about the company's latest products and investment policies through mobile phones, and achieved "twice the result with half the effort" Investment attraction effect. Customers and dealers accurately found the company's exhibition site in the exhibition center through SMS and mobile phone websites. The customers and dealers who come to visit are attracted by the enterprise's products and investment promotion policies, so the effective signing rate of enterprises at the exhibition is significantly improved SMS platform He was also praised by Mr. Li.

"(Invite * * * Steam Festival. Shenzhen Station) Create brand influence for e-cigarette manufacturers, bring new business opportunities to distributors, give e-cigarette players a performance platform, and let more and more Chinese people know and use e-cigarette! Explore new e-cigarette markets and promote e-cigarette steam culture! LOV Steam Festival is coming! For more exhibitions and investment invitation, please consult: //* * * (attached: Beijing Station, Jinan Station, Shenyang Station have all been successfully concluded! Follow up LOV Kunming Station, Wuhan Station, Shanghai Station. Please look forward to it) Time: 13:00-17:00 Saturday (* * month * day) Address: * * Convention Center Shenzhen * * * * * Organizer: October 17-19 (Beijing) Electronic Cigarette International Exhibition Organizing Committee [Electronic Cigarette Online] "
Exhibitions from all walks of life are coming, although in the era of the Internet, mass SMS is becoming increasingly irreplaceable.

"You invited your relatives and friends to sign up for the wedding fair held in New Haili on April 16-17, and successfully introduced the engagement photos to give you a family photo worth 1580 yuan. For details, please inquire 33 38008 [* * Classic]"
The exhibition industry can also drive or indirectly drive the development of dozens of industries, such as commercial shopping, catering, accommodation, entertainment, transportation, communication, advertising, tourism, printing, real estate, etc; These can also take advantage of SMS marketing to attract people by the trend of the exhibition!


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