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When the business hall is commercialized, it is promoted through the SMS platform

Time: 2020-02-21 00:35 Author: admin Read:

Miss Yang Yang, 26, is extremely beautiful and has owned a BMW. After knowing her, I realized that there is a kind of woman in the world. Young and beautiful can also drive a BMW and reach the peak of life by their own efforts. However, at one time, Miss Yang used a mobile phone to maintain the customers of a successful franchise store and interact with her family and friends, so she had the idea of using a high-end mobile phone to negotiate business. I didn't have much time to choose carefully. I received such a short message from the local business office:

[Mobile Phone Business Hall] As soon as 7 arrived, iPhone 7 hot booking officially started! Make an appointment in the mobile phone business hall, and enjoy the right of first refusal+the right of first delivery+an additional 200 yuan of call fee+240G VoTV traffic per year+five great gifts for participating in the iPhone 7 lottery! click View details

It was a surprise for Miss Yang. It was planned to be simple. When a better model came along, a better package would also match Miss Yang's idea. After placing an order quickly, we can make it work elegantly in a tight time. And this business hall has been working with Youyinet SMS platform From small amount to large amount, from initial cooperation to full trust now, the business volume is also increasing. Today, I will take this as a case to talk about the application of the salesroom on the SMS platform.

Today, the sales hall has become a trend, no longer just a single card number and package business, but now it is the integration experience and supermarket sales of terminal and business: integrating other peripheral products: selling mobile phones, repairing mobile phones, broadband value-added services, etc. In marketing promotion and after-sales service for customers, it is always inseparable SMS platform

1、 Application of mobile phone store in SMS platform

As the sales of mobile phones in the business hall, the most common application is the use of short messages in activities and the promotion of other marketing short messages.

1. As for the promotion of activities, according to the understanding of the above business hall, there are generally various activities similar to anniversary celebrations, festival activities, etc. In the early stage of warm-up activities, the same text message needs to be sent to a user three times, and the warm-up preparations for the first day of the activity and the early stage should be sent twice to remind in place. The case is as follows:
Lantern Festival filial piety machine activities! Pay 99 yuan for a phone with a short message, and a 299 yuan for a smart phone with a large screen and a thousand yuan for a 12G phone. The traffic is limited to three days! Address: West * * Mobile Phone Chain Store [Mobile Phone Business Hall]

2. For the common SMS marketing promotion, in the mobile phone business hall, a list of customer management will be established: customers who are interested in buying mobile phones and have not found a suitable model of mobile phones will leave their mobile phone numbers with the customer's permission, which will be promoted in the later promotional activities. Examples are as follows:

[Park Road Business Hall] Hello, China Mobile has issued you a coupon of 800 yuan. You can purchase a 5S 4G smart phone from Huawei for 199 yuan at the original price of 999 yuan. Please bring your valid ID card and mobile phone to the * * Mobile Business Hall before December 10 for processing (please ignore the processing). Tel.: 182 * * 69. Unsubscribe back to T

2、 Application of broadband and other value-added services in SMS platform

In daily life, people often complain about "why there is no charge for broadband in my home, and there is no notice, so we need to find it by ourselves". Notice of renewal and broadband discount activities are slowly being used

1. Notice of renewal of broadband and other value-added services. The case is as follows

Dear optical broadband users! Your broadband has expired. If you continue to use it, please contact the community manager to renew it as soon as possible! Now, if you use the 38 yuan 4G package, you can enjoy 20 M broadband at 120 yuan/year; There are more broadband discounts as low as 0 yuan/year. Call the community manager and you can handle it at home. For details, please inquire: 13 * * * * or go to the Communication 100 Service Hall to handle it. I wish you a happy life! If it is not renewed after expiration, it will be charged according to the monthly package. It is recommended that you renew the annual package as soon as possible or take the Optical Cat to our Communication 100 Business Hall to cancel the account. Thank you for your support for optical broadband! Renew to X, unsubscribe to T [Mobile Business Hall]

2. Promotion of value-added business activities:

[Mobile phone business hall] New Year's special, mobile 50M broadband+HD TV is free, and now you can get a 200 yuan e-voucher! For more information, please contact the * * Business Hall (diagonally opposite the power supply station, * * *) at 13 * * 0. The number is limited, first come, first served! More beautiful gifts! Unsubscribe back to T


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