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Solution of SMS platform in air conditioner and other electrical appliance stores

Time: 2020-02-21 00:37 Author: admin Read:

When it comes to air conditioning, Dong Mingzhu is always indispensable. When it comes to online electronics stores, Jingdong is indispensable, and when it comes to offline stores, Suning and Gome are indispensable. When it comes to the operation of electric appliance stores, both online and offline can not be separated from the use of SMS platforms. Youyinet SMS platform I will sort out the solutions for air conditioning and electrical appliances stores for you.

1、 Applicable type

In March, whether it is enterprise central air conditioners or household air conditioners, the air conditioning appliances war will begin. It is widely used in pre-sales marketing and after-sales service of customers in the electrical industry. The use of Youyinet SMS platform can achieve the purpose of rapid, convenient, low-cost, cost-effective, large-scale information transmission.

With innovation and service as the king in the electrical industry SMS platform Be able to effectively and timely handle the relationship with customers.

II Application mode

? ? ?1. New product launch

For the electrical industry, the upgrading will be relatively fast. For large distribution agents or other large customers, they will send short messages to participate in product launch activities when new products are released. The case is as follows:

[* * Store] Dear user** The new product press conference of the exclusive store will be held at 19:30 p.m. on March 13 (* * Store North Station Store)! Customers who are present will receive (such as exquisite daily necessities) free of charge and participate in a lottery (refrigerator, air conditioner, television, rice cooker, etc.). Redeem at the entrance by SMS or mobile phone number L07 * * 142 unsubscribe back to N

2. Marketing SMS ?

For air conditioning appliances, the price war is still dominant at the moment. For those potential customers who are just interested in sending price reduction notices to customers, they can send the time, place and content of promotions to customers through the SMS platform whenever there are promotional activities

3. Order Notice

The order is sent through the SMS platform, which sends the customer's order information to the customer's mobile terminal and the order notice to the logistics and installation master, such as the product price, delivery address, etc. Customers can also query the status of orders through SMS. In addition, the refund information of the order is also included.

Dear member, your order 1 * * 9413 has been delivered, logistics company: * * express, logistics order number: 536 * * 892, goods are rushing to you, please check. [* * Mall]

[* * Mall] Hello! Your * * order 10 * * 29 refund has been successfully accepted, * * yuan will be returned to your original payment account, please check within 1-15 working days, if you have any questions, please call * *.

4. Notice of points change and blessing in shopping malls.

For customers who have purchased products, members (customers) 'points and prizes of each point level can be regularly sent to members' mobile phones, which not only enables members to know their points in time; On holidays, the system can automatically send holiday blessings to member users

? ? ? 5. SMS requesting installation and distribution in the order

Install and deliver the SMS to the customer's mobile phone, effectively connecting online and offline services.

[* * Mall] Your order 1 * * 9413 has been delivered. Our staff will call back and make an appointment for on-site installation within seven working days. Please keep your phone open. Or call the national free service telephone 40 * * 6 to reserve the installation time. Installation and after-sales WeChat: * * Please keep your phone unblocked. If you don't answer the phone, please contact customer service. For more details, please log on the official website www. * * cn and unsubscribe to T

? ? ? ?6. SMS of after-sales maintenance service

? ? ? ?7. In addition, it can also be applied to the internal care, internal management and SMS interactive communication between employees in electrical stores


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