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This summer, the marketing of the swimming class depends on the following SMS program!

Time: 2020-02-21 00:38 Author: admin Read:

It's getting hotter and hotter. It's time to swim and keep fit. No, banners are everywhere around the community to publicize and start the natatorium registration activity. The marketing of the natatorium still needs to rely on the formal SMS platform

Manager Wang of a swimming gym in Guangdong realized the importance of enrolling students now. Considering that these life services are limited by regions, he hoped to achieve the effect of limited time promotion through regional promotion. You want to use SMS group senders or pseudo base stations to operate. You must want to ask whether the results are good. As a result, I went to the police uncle. It ended quietly before it started. You may also feel lucky. Look at the fate of other people and search everywhere:

In December 2015, Liu was detained on suspicion of fraud, and Zhao was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for the crime of destroying public telecommunications facilities; Now the Public Security Bureau is rectifying the illegal and criminal activities of "fake base stations".

Therefore, here, I solemnly tell you that this method of using fake base stations to promote is not advisable and is not lasting. It is illegal to use fake base stations. This summer, Youyinet SMS platform Bring you the right way to open marketing promotion. As shown below

First of all, and the most important point, is where the numbers come from. If you want good promotion data, number resources are the key. The following methods are commonly used by life service users:

One ?? Push or carry out activities near the community:

1) You can use free swimming lessons as a gimmick. After all, everyone likes free swimming lessons. For summer swimming, everyone likes it. Register your contact information here

2) Set up special activities, because the main population of swimming is concentrated on children, you can use the way of preferential discounts for children's family members to register users' phone numbers, improve customer information, and arrange courses.

II ?? Industry data exchange

1) Cooperate with early education centers, kindergartens or other training institutions. Data exchange under the guarantee of mutual benefit and win-win situation

2) Cooperate with fitness institutions. Swimming is also closely related to the gym, making swimming fitness lovers a better choice. Cooperate with each other to handle cards and share resources.

Secondly, after having resources, you can summarize and analyze the data.

1) For those children who are engaged in early education, they can regularly send information about preferential activities to their parents. Of course, in addition, we should skillfully keep close contact with these people. Let marketing penetrate, and also send some user related information, which can be some small knowledge about children's health, safety and growth.

2) For swimming fitness enthusiasts, the text messages sent should highlight the hardware facilities and teachers in the natatorium, and then infiltrate into preferential activities. Follow up regularly and frequently.

In addition, SMS platform can still be used for notification and marketing in the management of company members.

The short message platform of provides you with the case of swimming pool marketing short messages:

[* * Natatorium] Xiao Ru reminds you that the club will be grand opened, and * * will bind the exclusive group purchase price of the owner for you. Code 0 * * 8. You can enjoy 50% discount and more mysterious gifts with this message at the store. The number of seats is limited, first come, first served, not reserved. Please find * * 18 * * 844 at the store! Address: * * No. 6 * * Swimming Gymnasium. Back to T

Summer is coming, if you need to swim, reduce fat, shape and increase muscle, you can find "* * Sales Manager Li *" 185 * * 923, find me for free experience, WeChat synchronization, and unsubscribe back to T [* * Natatorium]

If the SMS platform is selected well, the number of swimmers will double this year. Youyinet SMS platform is always at your side, serving you!


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