Arrival in 5 seconds

The first channel provider in the industry who dares to guarantee the arrival in 5 seconds, which is instant (2-5 seconds)

Triple play

Three networks of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom are integrated to support two-way SMS sending and receiving

Receiving number is more formal

The easiest way to judge whether the SMS platform is normal is to look at the number displayed on the mobile phone

Arrival rate

Ten years of SMS industry operation and technology accumulation, we are responsible for each SMS verification code.

Multi channel backup

Dozens of short message channels are efficiently controlled by professional technology, and can be sent in a breakthrough way

Fast independent ports

Independent use, one customer one sign industry port, flow rate of at least 500/s

Multiple transmission modes

It can be sent immediately, or it can be sent at a specified time or periodically. You can control the time of sending SMS

SDK SMS interface

The enterprise can realize the secondary development of the SMS mass sending system through the SMS interface to improve the enterprise application

Introduction to verification code SMS dedicated channel

Free test

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[Youyi] You experienced the CITIC Rong SMS verification code at XX: XX: XX.

Use process

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Official use

common problem

1. How to Realize SMS Verification Code for Website Registration
Answer: You need to apply for a free trial verification code SMS interface, and then download the verification code SMS interface document. After all these are ready, you can access your system according to the interface document. When registering as a member, users should first input their mobile phone number and click to obtain the verification code; Your website randomly generates a number as the verification code, and calls the verification code SMS interface to send a message to this user; After receiving the SMS, the user fills in the verification code, and then compares it with the number you generated. If it is consistent, it means that the mobile phone number filled in by the user is correct and the verification is successful.
2. Definition and application of verification code SMS special interface
The special verification code SMS interface refers to the SMS interface set up for website, APP member registration verification, order notification, account change reminder and other applications. The interface needs to meet the following requirements: fast transmission speed (3-5 seconds response), stable operation (24 hours a day throughout the year), network wide transmission (access by three major operators of China Mobile Unicom), and high arrival rate (almost 100% arrival); Taking the verification of mobile phone registration of website and APP members as an example, it can verify the correctness of mobile phone numbers of registered users and ensure the authenticity of mobile phone numbers filled in by users
3. How to prevent malicious click on SMS verification code
Scenarios or websites vulnerable to malicious use:
  • Online polling station (mobile phone number needs to be filled in for verification)
  • User online registration page (including SMS verification function)
  • SMS dynamic password login
  • Ways to click the SMS verification code maliciously:
  • There are two main ways for users to click the SMS verification code maliciously, one is to click frequently manually
  • One is through continuous clicking of software. In terms of harmfulness, continuous clicking of software is much more harmful
  • Measures to prevent users from maliciously clicking SMS verification code:
  • Users who click the SMS verification code maliciously will not only increase the company's operating costs, but also cause a very bad impact on the company's image (generally, SMS messages will bear the company's signature), so it is necessary to prevent this behavior. At present, the main means of prevention are as follows:
  • 1. SMS sending interval setting - set the time interval for repeated sending of the same number, generally 60-120 seconds
  • 2. IP limitation - set the maximum daily transmission volume of each IP according to its own business characteristics
  • 3. Mobile phone number limitation - set the maximum daily transmission volume of each mobile phone number according to the business characteristics
  • 4. Process limitation - divide SMS verification and user name and password setting into two steps. After the user has successfully set the user name and password, the next step is SMS verification, and verification can only be performed after obtaining the receipt of success in the first step
  • 5. Binding the graphic verification code - binding the graphic verification code with the mobile phone verification code can effectively prevent the malicious registration of software
  • 4. Application of order notification SMS in various fields
    When we order goods through some large-scale e-commerce websites or group purchase websites, we often receive order notification messages automatically sent by the website, such as order success, payment success, delivery information, etc. With these thoughtful order notification SMS messages, users can know the status of their orders at the first time, improve the user experience of the website, and reduce the pressure of customer service on the website. Order notification SMS is mainly used in:
  • B2C e-commerce website - SMS confirmation of user order, SMS confirmation of user order information change, SMS notification of user order logistics information
  • Group purchase website - user group purchase order SMS confirmation, user group purchase order password SMS sending
  • Mobile APP application - mobile APP order SMS confirmation
  • Offline payment system - chain store payment system order SMS notification (the system automatically triggers the order notification SMS and credit return SMS after the user buys the bill)
  • Mobile phone charge recharging software - the order notification SMS will be automatically triggered after the user successfully recharges
  • 5. Sample SMS verification code/order notification SMS template
    Verification code template:
  • Thank you for using the [Variable] product. Your verification code is [Variable] [Custom Signature]
  • Dear customer, your login verification code is [Variable], please do not disclose it, thank you for using it. User defined Signature
  • [Variable] Activate the verification code [Variable] to prevent disclosure. I wish you a happy life. User defined Signature Order notification template:
  • Your order under Variable is Variable, and the order number is Variable. User defined Signature
  • Dear customer, the current balance of [Variable] yuan was successfully recharged this time. Thank you for your use. User defined Signature
  • Please check the above information and arrive at the airport two hours in advance for the [variable] you booked. I wish you a pleasant journey! User defined Signature
  • Order No.: [Variable], you have purchased [Variable], [Variable] and [Variable] copies on [Variable], and the total amount is [Variable] yuan, which will be paid to the specialty company by SMS. Tel: [Variable] [User defined Signature]
  • Hello [Variable], you successfully recharged [Variable] yuan through [Variable] on [Variable]. Processing result: Variable. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. User defined Signature
  • You have successfully purchased [Variable] on * * *, Order No.: [Variable], Consumption Password: [Variable]. User defined Signature
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